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Waggles &Whiskers 

Where Your Pets Are Pampered



Full service dog grooming for all breeds. This includes 2 baths with anal gland expression, full dry and a hair cut which includes shaving and scissoring of the body, legs, face, ears and tail along with shaving the sanitary and paw pads, nails are cut and filed and ears are plucked and cleaned. 

Spa Treatments

Spa treatments include teeth brushing, facials and specialty shampoos.

Quick Grooms

Quick grooms include pedicures which includes shaving of the paw pads, cut and filing of the nails and trimming of the hair on the feet, nail trims which include a cut and file, and blow outs which include using a dryer to blow the under coat out and then a quick brushing.  


About Us

Waggles and Whiskers is a full service grooming salon that has been open since 1994. Each of our groomers are skilled in different grooming techniques and patterns. Our goal is to provide your fur baby with the most relaxed and luxurious environment we can. 



Location: 100 S Ann Arbor St. Saline, MI 48176

Number: 734-429-7687

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